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San Antonio's evolving fashion scene and stand out stars - FOX 29

San Antonio's evolving in high end fashion. Fox San Antonio had a chance to see a few of its recent stars making a name for themselves and helping elevate the city's profile.

One of the name’s you’ll hear often in the San Antonio fashion scene is leader and mentor Xitlalt Herrera Salazar with Fashion Group International.

Xitlalt explains, “As the city has evolved, so has our fashion scene. It is a very exciting time to see that growth in San Antonio.”

She knows high end fashion handling it with luxury retailer Neiman Marcus. She'll be the first to tell you, “I cannot stress enough how many great people there are in this market to learn from.”

There are several stand out stars in San Antonio showing great fashion can be born from anywhere, including here in the Alamo City.

To name a few, there’s Samantha Plasencia of Project Runway and Anthony Ryan. He was winner for the second edition of Project Runway All Stars edition and has his own shop on Broadway Street. There’s also Roger Canamar, a fashion designer and former model agent who's landed print campaigns with Vogue, Versace, Armani, and more.

Roger says, “My influence for me has been more classic, international, Paris[] I am from San Antonio. I am Latino, so I do have some flamenco pants I’m doing for the spring.”

Another stand out star is Lisa Weller who’s traveled the world styling hair for the major fashion shows from New York, to Paris, to Milan and most recently for Kendall Jenner. She's owned her own hair salon in San Antonio for a decade now.

Lisa explains, “We practice all the time. We're always trying to elevate and take it to the next level, and I find through being like that that opportunity comes to me. I thought once I moved back from New York maybe some of those doors would be closed. In fact, the opposite [happened]. They just keep opening.”

Each of these talents is from San Antonio and is making their dreams come to life from Texas.

Roger believes there is a lot of opportunity in Texas for talents who hone their craft and work hard and explains, “I'm doing more business in Texas and San Antonio, than I did in California.”

Lisa says, “When I travel and tell people where I’m from, they're always shocked. [] Our buzz is starting, and it's exciting to be a part of it now because I think of all the other kinds of things that are happening in our city in the culinary scene and with some of the buildings going up. I think that's drawing some attention to us and our sports obviously. I think it’s a great time to stick around."

If you think the high end fashion seems out of reach and these stars are the lucky few, think again.

Lisa says, “There is a community growing, and I encourage everyone to seek it out and get involved, and we can collaborate.”

Xitlalt encourages those who wish to get involved in the San Antonio Fashion Scene to seize several opportunities in the city. She says simply getting involved will help connect you with mentors and community to learn, grow, and support fashion industry here. Some of those include becoming a part of Fashion Group International San Antonio or getting involved with the San Antonio Library Foundation that has a running list of several fashion events throughout the city. Simply call, email, go on the respective websites, and follow the outlets on social media sites to learn more. Xitlalt also mentioned several opportunities for on the job learning or more fashion events by heading to websites like Neiman Marcus or other stores in town championing the fashion scene.

More events to support or be a part of can also be found online at

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