Saturday, November 24, 2018

OTR apparel company spreads message of hope, importance of keeping Go(o)d Company

by Christian Hauser, WKRC

OTR apparel company spreads message of hope and importance of keeping Go(o)d Company (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC)- Go(o)d Company Apparel has been a dream of Donny and Ciara Harper for years.

"We wanted a brand that everybody could relate to, no matter age, race, country, language you speak. We wanted everybody to feel a part [of the brand]," Donny said. "We wanted to make a brand that pushed a positive message back into our community and this is a message that's really extinct in our communities today. It's talking about keeping good company."

The couple launched the brand four years ago but never had a store. They had been doing pop-up shops for the past three years but now have a permanent brick-and-mortar space at 1428 Race St. in Over-the-Rhine.

The store opened on Black Friday, but the owners weren't sure anyone would be around to shop.

"We're not a Walmart, a Best Buy or a Target but people have been coming down. It's been amazing." Ciara said.

The logo has a parenthesis around the second 'O.'

"When you remove it, we're also saying, keep God company. So, it's important to keep good company around you, and, for us, it's also important to keep God company," Donny said.

They said everything fell into place along the way when they needed it to, including the space, which they weren't actively looking for.

"Any time you have an idea or a dream and you go for it, there's no guarantee people are going to support you. There's no guarantee that people are going to buy your product and to know that we do have that love and support here in Cincinnati, it's mind-blowing, it really is," Donny said.

They're hoping as people walk down the sidewalk in OTR for Small Business Saturday, they'll give Go(o)d Company a chance and help them spread their message of hope.

"It's a message that's extinct. It's not promoted a lot in our communities, but it's vital to our success or demise, so every time you wear it, you're not only wearing who you are, you're letting the public know how important it is to have good company around you," Donny said.

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