Sunday, November 25, 2018

Koa Rothman in “There's a party in my pants and I want you all to come!”

Another day in the fabulous North Shore life of Fast Eddie's boy…

One of the surprises of the new digital age has been the emergence of the long-form daily, or daily-ish, vlog. Inspired by man-for-all-seasons Ben Gravy, Jamie O’Brien and Koa Rothman now produce these eleven-minute plus YouTube video blogs.

Koa, who has a stomach like wooden slats, is an excellent host, his vlog blooming out of the YouTube skunk cabbage.

In this episode, Koa surfs mid-sized, but very doable, Sunset, bemoans excessive packaging on things like wall-sized HD television sets, gives the viewer an easy-to-understand isometric workout that he or she can do in the comfort of his or her own hovel and concludes with a beach party that involves a shorebreak that turns everyone into liver mush.

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