Saturday, November 24, 2018

Introducing LoveShackFancy, the label creating fantasy dresses you can wear 365 days a year

Dressing like a whimsical, romantic literary heroine is very much a thing right now – the logical explanation for channelling a character from a Sunday night period drama, give or take a corset, is that it’s an escapist, sweetness-and-light antidote to a rather grim socio-political landscape. But intricate and delicate as it may look, it is also an effortless, year-round style solution.

The woman creating the purest version of this fantasy is Rebecca Hessel Cohen, founder of the US label LoveShackFancy. “She’s running through the fields when the sun is rising,” Hessel Cohen muses of her “girl”. More realistically, she’s strolling along a beach in the Hamptons or browsing a market in Brooklyn....

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