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Pop-up shop 'blkmktplc.' selling vintage goods in Downtown Fresno while creating jobs - KFSN-TV

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --

Fans of vintage clothing and accessories now have a new place to shop in Fresno.

At blkmktplc. (pronounced "black marketplace") vintage clothing and accessories are on display and up for sale.

The pop-up holiday store is located in Downtown Fresno near Broadway and Amador and is the work of Neighborhood Industries. AP Armour is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization, which also operates the Neighborhood Thrift store in the Tower District. He says blkmktplc. complements their thrift store and caters to shoppers who love vintage goods.

"In the thrift store, we can capture a certain value, and someone else is going to find that item and resell it on Etsy, online, or their own pop-up," said Armour. "So, we thought, 'How can we capture that ourselves?' I think that's how the incarnation of the blkmktplc. came to be."

Merced resident Robin Geyer found a blouse at the shop.

She said she came to, "Just hunt and look for vintage things. It's not really the garage sale aspect, but it's in a store, and I like that better."

Every purchase is helping put people to work.

"All of this creates jobs," said Armour. "Drivers have to pick this stuff up; there is an entire production team that has to grade it, sort it and touch it. There is another pricing and quality assurance team that's making sure it's getting on hangers."

Armour says the non-profit's Neighborhood Thrift store sells up to 20,000 items a month, and 20 to 25 percent of people resell those items online. At blkmktplc. the profits from those items will stay in Fresno and help create more jobs.

"It's not just finding unique things that are collecting dust in someone's closet, but it is helping people who are collecting dust on our streets and giving them an opportunity to contribute," said Armour.

Neighborhood Industries hopes to have a permanent brick and mortar blkmktplc. store up and running sometime in the spring of 2019.

LINK: blkmktplc. Website

For now, you can find a treasure at the pop-up location until December 20. The store is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am until 6 pm.

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Suite Zero: Vintage Clothing - The Corvallis Advocate

If you haven’t stumbled across Corvallis’ new-ish thrift clothing shop, Suite Zero, you’ve been missing out. Founded on a combined interest of vintage clothing, owners Payton Smyer, Michael Turner, and Gabriel Noller have put together a shop where their passion is right on the rack.

I was able to catch up with Turner and Noller, and they clued me into their interesting origins. All three owners had previously dabbled with selling vintage clothing at meetups and online, until one fateful day when they held a pop-up event where multiple vendors could come and sell their goods all under one roof. The event was very well received, and this success eventually bloomed into the partnership and permanent location that we now get to enjoy. Part of what helped them get to where they are has been how inviting and friendly people within the vintage clothing niche are.

As many people know, fashion can traditionally be a very stigma filled and negative place. Not at Suite Zero. Rather than criticism, individuality is the focus, as represented by the articles of clothing they sell. Each piece is truly unique, so there isn’t another one like it in the shop. The specific positions of the holes in a garment, the splotches of color that litter the linens, and the special fade only time can provide, wholly belongs to every article of clothing you’ll find. 

Besides supporting this sense of individuality, Suite Zero hopes to provide Corvallis with a new source for classic styles. Turner goes on to say that “trends come and go, but timeless pieces are forever.” Something that worked fifty years ago tends to still work today. Noller adds that they want to provide the town with fun and weird stuff in a more organized way.”

Not only that, but they hope that through this process people will come to understand that clothing can last longer than most people think. A band T-shirt with a few holes in it doesn’t mean it’s trash. Quite the opposite, it’s a vintage classic that someone could wear for years to come. So instead of throwing out that Sex Pistols T-shirt, why not stop on in and see if they want to buy it from you? Suite Zero offers Buy/Sell/Trade options and they’re always happy to look at what you have to offer.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see someone you walk by on the street wearing the shirt you were about to trash. And maybe you’ll be wearing theirs!

If you’d like to check them out they’re located in the Downstairs Plaza of 425 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis, OR, 97330. As well, check them out on Instagram

By Nickolas McKeever

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Why? A few reasons that are solely based on personal preference and opinion (in other words, I unquestionably encourage wearing whatever makes you feel your most confident and reserve zero judgment for the jean style of your choosing).

First, I feel as though skinny jeans, no matter one's body shape, are not the most flattering option. Sure, a slim leg is apt at showing off the bum and legs, but the ultra-tightness factor (particularly around the calf and ankle) can make my stems look like two sausages. Second, for whatever reason unbeknownst to me, whenever I slip into my skinny jeans I instantly look younger. And though looking more youthful is a positive attribute, I simply find it challenging to look like a 30s-something working adult when I'm wearing them. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they're frankly not as comfortable as other jeans that have more give. I like to eat a meal and not be in pain afterward, thank you very much!

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Pop-up shop 'blkmktplc.' selling vintage goods in Downtown Fresno while creating jobs - KFSN-TV

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fans of vintage clothing and accessories now have a new place to shop in Fresno. At blkmktplc. (pronounced "...