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7 Celebrity Trends to Wear With Skinny Jeans - WHOWHATWEAR

If you’re one of the many who live in skinny jeans, chances are you’re consistently on the prowl for creative ways to make them feel new again, to ultimately rival some of the more forward denim counterparts out there (baggy straight-leg jeans and the like). While we’ve gone over a few 2019 trends that fashion girls are pairing with skinnies to give them a fresh feel, there’s actually a few key looks celebs are wearing with skinny jeans that are worth noting as well.

Keep scrolling to check out seven must-try skinny-jean looks, courtesy of A-listers like Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, and Jasmine Tookes. Test out one of the below celeb-approved trends—everything from shoe styles to outerwear pieces—and breathe new life into the skinnies you know and love.

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For many moons, the term "mom jeans" was met with side eye at best, and utter disdain at worst. Somewhere between Brooklyn girls rocking vintage Levi's, Re/Done reworking the classics, and other denim houses modernizing the silhouette, something great happened to low-stretch, high-waisted, slim leg denim. In honor of the mom jean rising like a phoenix from the ashes, let's see who wears it well and shop the look.

Jeans made in New York City - Fox5NY

Lost in Suburbia: Weighing in on my skinny jeans - Gainesville Sun

The problem was the jeans.

I didn’t realize I had gained weight until I put on my jeans.

Back in the day when I would ride a dinosaur to school, jeans were just made with denim and had very little give to them. This is why we had to lay down on the bed years ago and use a wire hanger to zip our Calvin Klein jeans up. But jeans today have so much stretch thrown in with the denim that they can expand a good two to three pants sizes before you realize that your former skinny jeans have given you such a big muffin top that you could be a product model for a box of Hostess cupcakes.

While this is a good look for a muffin or cupcake, it is not a particularly good look for a person.

However, denial, as we all know, is not a river in Egypt, but rather a string of lies we tell ourselves to feel better about gaining weight. These include the ever-popular, “I’m not fat, I’m bloated,” “I have big bones,” “My jeans shrunk in the wash,” “I have a slow metabolism,” and my personal favorite, “I still haven’t lost the baby weight,” which is a hard sell when your kids are 21 and 23.

Still denial can only get you so far.

Right after the new year, my jeans definitely seemed tighter than they had been before the holidays, and when I say, before the holidays, I mean, of course, Halloween. I had been on a legging spree for a while and finally decided to get back to my jeans. But even with all the extra lycra, I was having trouble getting them to button. I probably could have worked with this issue for a while longer, but then I had a doctor appointment and this is when the fat hit the fan.

Reluctantly I stepped on the scale. The doctor looked at the number and scowled.

“I have slow metabolism,” I said.

“You do not have slow metabolism,” he replied.

“I have big bones,” I said.

“You do not have big bones,” he replied.

“I’m bloated,” I said.

“You’re not bloated,” he replied.

“Baby weight?” I suggested.

He shook his head. He said I didn’t get this way from having a baby. I got this way from eating too much.

I know. I was shocked too.

He gave me two choices. Either duct tape my mouth shut, or go on a diet.

First I tried the duct tape.

Did you know you can actually get quite a bit of chocolate in around the edges of the duct tape?

Then I decided to give in and try eating less. Not less salads, and vegetables and fruit, of course. Less pizza and French fries and those red velvet muffins they sell at the nearby bagel store with the cream cheese frosting on the inside that fills your mouth with yummy goodness on the first bite like a heavenly surprise from the red velvet gods.

See, now there I’ve gone and gotten myself hungry again.

Eventually, I decided that the only way this was going to work was to get a diet partner. So, now the dog and I are both on a New Year’s diet. I’m boycotting red velvet muffins and he’s going milkbone free.

So far, it seems to be working for both of us ...

Although he has yet to try on his skinny jeans.
For more Lost in Suburbia, Follow Tracy on Facebook at and Twitter @TracyBeckerman.

Downtown Charleston women's apparel shop closing | Business - Charleston Post Courier

A large downtown Charleston retail space soon will sit empty.

National women's apparel chain Talbots will close its 16,600-square-foot store at 261 King St. on Jan. 26, a store manager confirmed Friday.

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The employee referred other questions to the company's corporate office in Massachusetts. A spokeswoman did not immediately respond for further comment Friday.

Talbots has other stores in the Charleston area in Tanger Outlets in North Charleston and near Mount Pleasant Towne Centre.

Video shows ‘March For Life’ students in MAGA apparel mocking Native American veteran - ThinkProgress

Nebraska A.D. Bill Moos: Husker apparel sales way up thanks to Scott Frost hiring - Kearney Hub

Nebraska coach Scott Frost has been good for the sale of Husker gear.

NU Athletic Director Bill Moos said Friday on “The Bottom Line” that apparel sales are up “30 to 35 percent” since the hiring of Frost in December 2017.

“But it’s always been very, very good,” Moos said of apparel sales, praising Husker fans for their loyalty within the borders and also in major cities like Denver and New York. “Once you cross that border into Nebraska, it’s all red. That red has to come from somewhere.”

- An eight-team playoff model — featuring the Power Five conference champions — would be better, Moos said, than the current four-team model. Moos said those five champs, plus wild cards, would guarantee all deserving teams make it. Moos said he didn’t care whether the Power Five champ was 12-0 or 7-5.

- Moos said NU’s basketball team played hard in a 70-64 loss to Michigan State but struggled to hit shots.

- The Nebraska baseball team won a Big Ten regular-season conference title in 2017, then struggled in 2018, failing to make the league tournament. Moos wasn’t overly concerned about coach Darin Erstad’s team bouncing back, though, with the return of four pitchers who had been injured.

“That’s like losing your quarterback or your point guard,” Moos said. “Darin and his staff were trying to piece it together and get through the year.”

Moos said Erstad is “very excited” about the 2019 season.

On the Michigan State game:

"I thought we played hard, had a little trouble with our shooting... But that's a good team we were playing, and we played right with them and had our chances to win. I thought the atmosphere was superb, and I think we're playing pretty well by and large."

On what he's looking for in terms of progress for Nebraska:

"Tim and I, when we talked at the end of the season, and I thought we had a good season... I felt it was important to follow that with another solid season this year, and I think we're in the course/process of doing this. I don't have any particular goals or objectives in regards to benchmarks that we have to hit. I will say this, I think we're playing very hard, I think we're well-coached, extremely competitive, and I think we're playing with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence, and we're fun to watch.

For the time he's been there... If Moos thinks Tim Miles has everything he needs to compete at a high level in the Big Ten: "Absolutely. We've got resources here that are second to no one. You look at our facilities... men's basketball, it's about as good as it is. You look at a sold-out arena that we sold 15,000 season tickets within three or four weeks, so with a passionate fan base, is super."

On making the atmosphere of a live football game better to compete with live TV and capture a younger audience:

"The buzz was tremendous at the beginning of the Scott Frost era, and that resonated really well with the established fans... The younger "millennials" and such, that's a challenge for all of us in the industry, is how to capture them, and keep them involved... That's a goal of my staff and I, making sure the game is a complete event, and that the traditions that have been so strong through the years can continue. We've been doing things to attract that younger generation. We had an early scrimmage, not even a scrimmage, more of a light practice before the season that the students were invited to. We had over 3000 of them there, and I had the chance to address them and tell them that there will be times this season and seasons going forward, that they're going to be the difference-makers... We need to continue to have people in place/on-staff in our marketing areas and our promotion areas that are young and understand that generation, and continue to work towards finding ways to have an attractive event for them."

On the current playoff system:

"I think it's much improved. I was not a big fan of the BCS model, and I've been around for a long time, I've seen this thing evolve through this years from just having an Associated Press and UPI back in the day, sometimes they (the champion) weren't the same, primarily I'm talking about the Coach's Poll. And then on into the BCS, which I think had many flaws, but it was an improvement. And now into the College Football Playoff, which I think has been good, but I don't think we're quite there yet... I do believe, a conference that's as strong as the Big Ten should be in that playoff every year. If that means going to eight participants, then I think that's good. I think there's a lot of merit, when asked what my thoughts are, to develop a model where truly every Power Five champion is in that playoff picture. Whether you're 7-5 or you're 12-0, if you've won a Power Five conference, then you deserve to be competing for a national championship. Then maybe factor in the highest ranked group-of-five that are the mid-majors. This would be your Boise States, your Central Floridas, it would be your Western Michigans... Then have two at-large teams as well. Play those first two rounds on college campuses, and then by the time that is over, you're down to four, and you take the model from where it is there... Including the New Year's Six bowl games."

On whether he'd be willing to play an early non-conference football game at a neutral location against a Power Five school:

"I'd be willing to look at them as long as it didn't take from our seven home games... Every day I'm amazed by our fans, and how loyal and passionate they are, and they deserve seven home games..."

On the importance of the Black Friday game:

"That's the thing I like about our Black Friday games, and that's why I've been so adamant that we keep those-- it's an exclusive window, there's very few games that day, and most people aren't working, and so they're watching Nebraska and major college football across the country. You can't put a price tag on that, especially in the recruiting process that time of year."

On Nebraska baseball bouncing back after last year, getting back into contention for a Big Ten Title:

"I think we have a very good chance to. We're just two years away from winning the regular season title, and I know people were frustrated that we didn't have a good postseason, but last year, I know it's no secret, we lost four pitchers... And our good pitchers, this is our top guys. That's like losing your quarterback or your point guard. And Darrin and his staff were able to try to piece it together, and get through the year. He's a solid, competitive, compassionate coach, who wears it on his sleeve. He's not one to run around and toot the horn, certainly not his, and be overly optimistic. But what I'm hearing, and in our discussions, he's very excited about this season and the prospects that are hopefully going to be in the mix."

On what he's doing for vacation: ​

"No. We've got too much going on right now, and we've got this final signing date in football, and all the events that revolve around that. We've got both men's and women's basketball in full gear. We've got wrestling going, we've got gymnastics, my goodness. We've got baseball starting, track and field is going. I went to a rifle competition this morning, it was fabulous, and it was the first one I've actually had the chance to observe, and it was very very cool... This is where I'm at. If the job takes me somewhere, hey, that's where it takes me, and since you asked, the NCAA convention next week will be in Orlando. So, I'll thaw out for a couple of days, and just get right back here to our roots here in Lincoln."

7 Celebrity Trends to Wear With Skinny Jeans - WHOWHATWEAR

If you’re one of the many who live in skinny jeans , chances are you’re consistently on the prowl for creative ways to make them feel new a...